Corvids Press
Thursday, July 25th, 2019 | Author:

I’ve not been doing much in the Workshop as I’ve been helping out at Corvids Press.

Books by Ray McCarthy

Talents Universe

The Apprentice’s Talent
The Journeyman’s Talent
The Solar Alliance
Starship Chief
The Master’s Talent
The Legal Talent
The Mission’s Talent

Coming soon

The Last Talent

Celtic Otherworld Series

Under The Stone Of Destiny
Carrying the Shining Sword
Seeking the Flaming Spear
Hero Genesis
No Silver Lining
Exiles and Rooks
Fairy Godmothers
Conspiracies and Rooks
The Fay Child
Artists and Rooks
Dwarves and Rooks

Coming soon

Goths and Rooks
Jewels and Rooks
Tom Óg and the Firebirds
The Wooing of Marion
The Ending of Marion
Elaine and Luke
The Ensorcelled Maid
Four Kids, one Foxe
Geena and the Prince

Trader’s Isle

The Seven Talismans
The White Fire Stones

Books by C. J. Watterson

Magen Trilogy

Of North Blood Drawn
Heart Of The South
Master of the Destroyer


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LED Watch
Saturday, October 03rd, 2015 | Author:

I might make an LED wristwatch. It needs only 11 i/o pins for LEDs and one for a button, though it’s possible to use LED i/o to read a button.

Perhaps USB port for setting and any other features.


  1. Hour + Minutes
  2. Hour + seconds
  3. Month + days

Seven segment, binary and bargraph LED watches getting common … so this one uses Roman numerals.

Try the simulation on the sidebar. Click the “crown” checkbox. Obviously javascript must be enabled on your browser.

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