Comparing 8Mbps packages: 2010
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Unlike Mobile, all are always on Broadband and should be zero packet loss and low jitter unless there is unusual interference or fault.

None are contention or congestion free.

  1. UPC can have very low contention depending how many are on the cable. Upstream congestion and Contention is inherently poorer than DSL (Eircom), but less people upload, so there appears to be less upload congestion.
  2. Digiweb Metro is essentially UPC's technology over a very high capacity Microwave link instead of coax cable. So similar constraints but less capacity hence lower rolling cap to ensure low congestion.
  3. Eircom could have no contention or very low contention depending on backhaul. There is no inherent contention or congestion in the technology.

1. UPC 8 meg €25.00 + 7.75("line rental*") + 6(Phone**) = €38.75

  • 8Mb downstream; 1Mb upstream
  • Typical Speed for 90% of users is more than 7.5Mbps
  • No telephone line required. Needs UPC TV cable very close to Premises
  • 120GB usage limit
  • Phone Service extra €6 a month included in headline above. Cheaper calls than eircom?
  • Very Low latency < 15ms

2. Digiweb 8M Metro €39.95

  • 8Mb downstream; 1Mb upstream
  • Typical Speed for 90% of users is more than 7.5Mbps
  • No telephone line required. Needs LOS radio link to Mast < 15km
  • 30GB usage limit (no excess charges, just throttle)
  • Phone Service free 1st line. 2nd line extra. Cheaper calls than eircom. Free calls to other Metro users.
  • Low latency < 25ms

3. Eircom 8 meg NGB €29.99 + 25.36 = €55.35

Hard to find non-bundle prices to compare call costs.

Other Differences

  1. UPC can only economically service high density areas. They can't easily have zero congestion, just very low.  It's inherently asymmetric. The 30Mbps and 100Mbps services can't do very much faster upload.
  2. Digiweb Metro can't realistically offer more than 12Mbps due to limitations of Radio spectrum. If Comreg licence and costs allowed and Line Of Sight possible it can do 30km range. If the 800MHz "Digital Dividend" band was used Metro like technology could offer 30km without line of sight using a TV aerial for radio link. It can't offer higher caps without a bad effect on congestion without a lot extra Spectrum from Comreg.
  3. Eircom can only fix congestion not speed. In theory Eircom could offer slower symmetrical up to 4Mbps + 4Mbps, typically 1.5Mbps + 1.5Mbps. Eircom has the most variable speed. It's physics. They can't fix it:


Imagine WiMax (Nomadic/Mobile) and Mobile (O2, vodafone, 3 Ireland and Meteor/Eircom Mobile) are not broadband. They can't compete at all on reliability  latency, connectivity or speed with these packages.

* No UPC "Line Rental" if Digital TV ordered

** Phone is option on UPC, mandatory line rental on Eircom.

Best effort at comparison 2nd September 2010

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