The Shack

First a view of my dishes from the shack door, on top of the OLD shack

Next go over to the old shack and look at radio aerials on the house roof.

L to R: Three Aerials

1) Near vertical approx 5 m to 6m wire as “whip” from Shack, insulated by nylon rope at top. Works 14MHz to 50MHz.

2) 4.5m long 13dB gain 145MHz aerial on Motor drive

3) Discone on 6ft pole at Chimney (25MHz to 1300MHz)

Turning to left rising above 6ft wall is 2m/70cm (145MHz / 435MHz) colinear, Watson 300. Aerial pole at highest point of garden and must be over 45ft. The Watson 300 is about 10ft/3m long.

You can see the support wire to right of the 20m/66ft end fed wire for 160m to 30m (1.8MHz to 10MHz). In the next photo you see the far “open” end of the aerial wire.

Looking out front of Radio Shack:

(If you look close you can see a dual band magmount aerial on the car)


Now in the Shack:

1) Electronic Assembly & parts


2) Test & Repair area


3) Operator position

Far LHS bookshelves is some small test gear.

:: Modified CB 25.5MHz to 29.5MHz for 10m and drive two black box Microwave Modules which are 144MHz and 435MHz transverters (about 6W TX)
:: PSU on top shelf built in an old SCSI drive case
:: Aerial patch panel
:: 2M (145MHz) FM 24 channel 10W Transceiver
:: Home brew version of KW107 EZ match aerial match/tuner 160M to 10m
:: FT101ZD MkIII 160m to 10m Transceiver approx 100W. Connects to Computer for PSK31, SSTV, etc
:: PC screen running 1920 x1080 16:9