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PIC16F8xx and 128×64 GLCD
Thursday, January 21st, 2010 | Author:

I looked at Microchip & Hitech picc, Mikro C, CCS and others. I went back to JAL, 1/2 a day got graphics library for KS0107 / KS0108 used in JE-AN1286404 Graphics LCD working. Animation, Circle, arbitrary lines, box etc. Also text compatible with Text LCD libraries & programs.

I'll be using this in a few projects. Pinout is different from usual KS0107 GLCDs:

HQM1286404 / JE-AN 1286404 LCD Pin connections:

1: VDD is connected to +5V

2: VSS is connected to OV /GND

3: V0 – LCD operating voltage is connected from a 10K or 20k Ohm POT (Between OV and -5V from pin 18)

4 .. 11: Data Bus 0 to 7 is connected to port d

12: Chip Select 1

13: Chip Select 2

14: Reset  (hold at +5V for normal operation)

15: R/W – Read=1 or Write =0

16: D/I aka RS – Data or Instruction (Registers)

17: EN Enable is connected to B5 18: Negative voltage out to feed 20k Ohm POT for view angle

19: Positive voltage for LED backlight is connected to +5V

20: Negative voltage for LED backlight is connected to GND. On my pre-wired panel this is red wire! (feed LED backlight via 47 Ohms in series with + or – pin.)

I had to reverse CS1 and CS2 in the JAL library, but the wiring above works with LCDStudio for PC parallel Port (RW = 0V and RESET aka RES = +5V, connect Power first! I used USB for +5V) More details with projects, schematics etc on soon

Tested on PIC16F877A 20MHz using JAL. Same SW should work on 16F887 (replacement) and others with enough pins.

Other models of GLCD that are compatible may have different pin layout and even +5V and 0V reversed (even on similar model names of same make!)

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What is Techtír about?
Saturday, October 17th, 2009 | Author:

Most new sites, especially Forums are either hyper focused (iphone or Archos) or as broad as possible. In any case the  aim often is simply Traffic.

Techtír is not just about Forums or Traffic. The idea is a  serious Technology Portal, with serious depth of content.

An important aspect will thus be the Articles.  While post in the Forums will help an ordinary user of a  smart phone, Router, Satellite Receiver or MP3 player, the idea is to have a meeting and Tech Info Clearing house for experts and those that want to be Experts.

Subscribers have much more access and control. Yet you can be recognised as providing good content by being given subscriber status.

There are more ideas too. Head over, signup to free Member level  and take a look around.

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