Mobile and NBS (part 2)

The Mobile prices and Cap are not relevant. Nor is satellite.

The NBS is claiming Broadband is coming to specific areas.

Some of these already have real Broadband
Some already have 3!
Others already have 02, Meteor/eircom or Vodafone So called “high speed” data.

The Cap is 1/2 to 1/4 typical broadband
The latency is typically 10 times typical broadband
Phone calls get priority.
It’s a Mobile phone rollout. Everyone would get exactly the same thing from 3 (other thana Satellite, and 3’s doesn’t exist) if the NBS didn’t exist. In fact if you sign up to the 3 Mobile for 18 months instead of NBS for 12 months you save €49

As part of the contract 3 are not allowed to advertise their phone system as part of the NBS, that’s why you don’t and won’t see any mention of it.

Total Weasel. 3’s logo is on the advert. 3 offer both almost identically on their web site
The NBS adverts could easily say it’s 3G/HSPA Mobile technology.

The Advert talks about watching films. You won’t watch many and do all the other stuff on 3G/HSPA with a 12G cap.
(It may be 15G total, but in fine print it’s 12G down and 3G up.)



What is the difference between NBS customers and Non-NBS customers?

NBS customers are customers located in NBS coverage areas defined in the NBS contract entered into between 3 and the Department of Communication, Energy and Natural Resources (DCENR). These customers will receive broadband under the National Broadband Scheme. Non-NBS customers are in all other areas outside defined NBS coverage areas.

Plain English and looking at prices?
1) Free modem and 18months non-NBS OR €49 Modem and 12 months non-NBS
2) €49 Modem and 12 months NBS.
You have to get a 3rd party Router to have more than one PC or WiFi. A family or a small office can share real broadband. It’s pretty rubbish sharing 3G/HSPA to small office or a family.

What product will be offered under the NBS?
3 will extend its network to provide mobile wireless broadband services into NBS areas. The mobile wireless broadband service (HSPA), will have a minimum download speed of 1.2mbps, a minimum upload speed of 200kpbs, a maximum contention ratio of 36:1, a latency of 120 milliseconds and a 15gigabit (12 down, 3 up) inclusive monthly download allowance limit.

In recognition of the fact that some areas will be very difficult to reach using standard infrastructure, in a limited number of cases 3 will make available a satellite product, which may cover up to 8% of the NBS areas. The satellite product will have a minimum download speed of 1mbs, a minimum upload speed of 128kbps, a maximum contention ratio of 48:1, latency of 800 milliseconds and a 11gigabit (10 down, 1 up) inclusive monthly download allowance limit.

It’s not a dedicated Mobile Data like Digiweb’s. It’s a 3G Mobile phone system pretty much like eircom/Meteor, O2 and Vodafone are selling. (iHSPA and even 21Mbps is a marginal change to overall cell average throughput compared to 3.6Mbps HSDPA. Meteor’s system is nearly identical).

Prices of Satellite are irrelevent on NBS because it doesn’t exist yet and may not exist even by 2011. This one does exist already Nationwide for €35 a month, 3.6Mbps/384kbps Speed 2.4Gbyte Cap (basic, 12 G Cap is €132)

Also the pricing of ALL the Mobile operators is a Customer Grab exercise. For the same sales revenue comparing the voice packages and Data packages, the Data costs them 150 to 500 times more! They are all doing Mobile Data at a loss. Expect prices to go only one way in long term.

The ONLY licence 3 Ireland have relating to NBS is their Mobile Phone licence
Scroll down to click on 3’s licence

It’s the same price (including initial setup on plan3). Same Modem, Same masts, Same Technology, same speeds, same cap, same over Cap €50 a Gigabyte same backhaul, same latency as NBS Identical Products including initial cost

According to 3 Licence they must allow the public phone calls to use any of their masts and any normal wholesale service must be able to use their whole network.

Read the license. I can call it a mobile phone roll out because that is the only thing 3 Ireland have a license for and that is in reality exactly what it is.

I have 30 Gbyte Cap, 8M down / 1M up and < 30ms latency for €40 a month. eircom is the most expensive line rental in the world. That can’t continue. Look at Metro & UPC prices. Digiweb Metro is one of the lower Cap decent Broadband packages.

An extra 15Gbyte on 3 Mobile or NBS would cost €750 a month, to have 30Gbyte. AFAIK you can download over 100Gbyte on eircom before they get nervy. About 100G to 250G on UPC depending on package.

The 3 service is only €19.95 because they want customers. They make the money from Mobile phone. Which by terms of their license must work on all the so called Mobile Phone masts. I’d agree maybe the least useful coverage masts might not get done without NBS, maybe 10% to 20% of rollout.

Because of the way W-CDMA works, having two modems rather than sharing one via a router could actually reduce overall performance. if one does 5Mbps and you have a 2nd in same room downloading at same time, they will get about 1.8Mbps to 2.2Mbps each or less and latency may rise. Share a single Modem via router and latency is unchanged and two simultaneous streams get 2.5Mbps each.

t’s apparently 5c a Megabyte. If we be Generous and count decimal that is 5000c a Gigabyte = €50.

It’s of the nature of it that if it works, it will work for 14 days, but 3 to 9 months later your speed could be 150kbps max at peak times. Interesting question.

The pricing of Mobile Data isn’t sustainable unless the operators are making 99% profit on Voice calls. When the numbers of subscribers has peaked or EU intervenes on competition distortion grounds (Decent fixed DSL & Cable can’t offer a Mobile voice service to subsidize data) the data prices have to go up.

If we assumed the out of bundle (excess cap) is an indication of more realistic prices then a Basic unsubsidized Data package is really about €100 for a few GByte cap.

It might be a couple of years away. Mobile usage (and eircom overpricing) has reduced fixed lines to 66% from 82%. About 1/3 of those 66% are on welfare subsidy. It’s not reasonable that Mobile Internet is replacing DSL for fixed use simply because of Dodgy Advertising (Mobile Broadband), over priced line rental and Mobile data subsidized by Mobile voice.

If the mobile Data products didn’t have “Broadband” in the name and they were honest that it’s just the Modem part of a Mobile Phone, no-one would confuse 3G Mobile Internet and Broadband. The two aren’t the same or the NBS would be “selling” the portable and lightweight aspect as a feature.

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