Stolen in Limerick
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Driver’s window smashed and head stolen

Icom IC-2800H Two way radio head unit/Display pulled from the Dashboard

About 12:45am 25th January 2011. Snatched from Driveway by two men or youths in a Saloon Car or hatchback.

The main radio under the seat wasn’t touched, as no doubt they thought it was a GPS. These radio sets are very rare in Ireland, as very few ever imported. They have not been made for some years. Replace Head/Display units are not available. This may even be the only one in all of Munster.

Closer view showing Model number on top edge
(Only this display part taken)

It’s an Amateur Band two way radio for 430MHz and 145MHz.

If you have any information, please contact Roxboro Garda Station in Limerick City or use the Contact form here if you wish be anonymous.

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Argos greatly improve ASO / DSO clarity
Monday, January 24th, 2011 | Author:

Get Spring/Summer 2011 Argos catalogue from about 20th January 2011

Argos at page 320 start of Guide to Televisions have
Digital switchover
The Digital switchover is coming to Ireland see page 373

Actually page 373 is an Advert, but page 374 has:
When is this happening
At the moment there is no confirmed date for the old analogue signal to be switched off. All we know is that it will definitely happen before the end of 2012,
so it is worth considering your options and preparing for the digital signal during 2011

I think this is a bit weaselish. But it’s clearly in the catalogue. Also EVERY TV in catalogue appears to have:
Irish digital compatible
Will not work with Irish Digital signals
you will require a digital set top box or
satellite source.

No confusing nonsense purely about Freeview as Tesco have!

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