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  • Duplex Transverter for 900, 800, 700 and 450MHz bands. CPE and Base.
  • Long Range conversion for 10GHz Broadband CPE
  • Experiments with Digital TV (DVB-t, DVb-c) converted to 10GHz
  • Transmitters and receivers for 10GHz.
  • Low cost Wireless DOCSIS at 10GHz
  • Converting a Linksys router to Battery Operation
  • Apartment Distribution system for TV, Satellite & Broadband.
  • Adaptor to allow dual PSUs and dual UPS on standard Motherboard.
  • Voice Repeater with alternate band link
  • BT customer remote socket test unit
  • General purpose Eurocard Z80 controller
  • Cab Fail alarm for Articulated Truck freezer units.
  • Interface ATM dispenser to Chubb Alarm system.
  • Design & Produce Mono and Colour Monitors for Apple, RM, BBC schools computers
  • Interface for Apple II to mechanical scales
  • Divider and PLL to lock electric Clocks driven by electromechanical pendulum master clock to a external Broadcast stability 5MHz reference.
  • Bus based chassis and plug in cards to demonstrate PM, AM, SSB, FM and DSBSC using balanced Multipliers.
  • Environmental testing oven/fridge controller



  • Adding TCP/IP and IP routing to AX.25 packet Radio
  • Document Management system with Web site/CD /DVD archiving
  • Call, Service and Customer Management system: Integrates Act2000!, Sage Line50 and MS-SQL/IIS
  • Multiuser Handheld Wireless barcode scanner with central SQL database and automatic stock re-ordering
  • Script based language and Interpreter for Mindstorms Robotics
  • Digitiser software application to create “soft keyboard” on screen
  • Integration of Voice Dictation and Wordprocessor
  • Text editor for DOS allowing automatic hyperlinks between documents
  • Platform Game engine with Multithreading and virtual functions for Graphics Interface/Device
  • Multicurrency/Multiuser backend for Sage Line50 accounts using SQL
  • Library/Student barcode book management system
  • Realtime database in C for 8051 Real time ICE
  • Writing C++ courseware and example applications
  • Video Library / Customer database
  • Interfacing DOS, Cromix and VAX to allow schematic BOM to Production Management systems
  • Hierarchical Schematic Capture for Data Flow Programming
  • Data Flow language and Compiler for Telecom Protocol translation and Industrial Control
  • Maths Library 16/32 bit for 8bit NEC 78HC11
  • Forth programmed based test gear

Mixed HW/SW

Systems and Projects

  • Handheld PDA/VOIP handset for Flash-OFDM or other Mobile networks
  • Adding a Serial Device Server or Client to a Router
  • Automatic test and Performance measurement of 10.5GHz CPEs
  • Handheld CAT and VOX system for Mobile Radio systems
  • Cable Broadband portable Measurement system
  • Secure access and user page quantity logging add-on for copier
  • Ice-Cream Machine: Making, vending, reporting, self cleaning.
  • Linking two Packet Repeater Nodes via Serial ports
  • Portable Information System: Pen and Pad
  • Analogue Trunk: Protocol interfaces and Translation
  • Multiprocessor Pri-ISDN based Trunk Protocol Translation with DSP
  • Multiprocessor based Industrial Controller with PID and all I/O isolated inc. Thermocouples
  • Interface Cash Register to Apple II


(where presented, multiple years means updated)

  • VOIP issues on Broadband: Comparing DSL, Fixed Wireless and Cable. (Digweb, 2006)
  • Faxes and VOIP networks / Gateways (Digweb, 2006)
  • Issues of screen sizes versus Applications  (Digweb, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008)
  • Architecture for Portable WAN gadgets (Digweb, 2007)
  • IPTV versus Broadcast: VOD on Broadcast (Digweb,2007, 2008)
  • SMS on systems other than GSM/3G (Digweb, 2008)
  • Apartment triple play coax distribution scheme (Digiweb, 2007)
  • Is DVB-h and DVB-RCT a possible system for Mobile Broadband? (Digweb, 2006)
  • Comparison of EDGE, EVDO, 3G/UMTS/HSDPA, IPW and Flash-OFDM (Digweb, 2008)
  • Comparison of WiFi, WiMax, IPW and Flash-OFDM for Mobile Data. (Digweb, 2006)
  • Making Ice-Cream: Algorithms and Storage issues (Ice-Cream Sundae R&D Co.)
  • Design of system components / Consultancy ERMES pan-European Paging system (Tecnomen, 1990)
  • Large back projection systems using multiple low resolution LCD projection tiles. (NIDA, 1990)
  • Architecture for Portable Information Device (Intafile, 1988)
  • History and convergence of Communications & Computers (Intafile, 1988)
  • Using Hierarchical Schematic Capture for Data Flow Programming (UL, 1986)
  • Multiprocessor architectures and Software Development for Industrial Control. (ISA, 1983)
  • Comparison of 8085, Z80, 78HC11 and 8051 for various projects (Westinghouse, 1983)
  • Comparison of Assembler, Forth, Pascal, C, Occam and Modula-2 (Westinghouse, 1983)


Project management

  • Experience managing teams

  • Project Leader and R&D Manager experience

  • Excel, MS Project and other Project Tracking tools

  • Experience giving courses

  • ICS & College training

  • Multinational, Irish and Startup Companies

  • R&D: Industrial Control, Telecom, RF Comms, Datasystems

  • Project Rollouts: Networks up to 450 PCs, Mobile Rollouts


Design Expertise

  • Analogue instumentation: Thermocouples, isolation, A/D, D/A, Filters

  • Audio, IF, HF, VHF, UHF and Microwave, LNA and PA Amplifier design

  • SMPSU from 30kHz to 1MHz, 10mW to 500W, 1.5V in to 240V AC in. (UL, CE, VDE, CSA)

  • Logic design from 4000 series, 74, ECL, HC, ALS, CPU, SoC and FPGA

  • Embedded OS design inc Multitasking

  • Programming Assembler, Forth, Modula-2, C, C++, C#, Perl, Java, VB6, Chill, Occam

  • Programming 8051, x86, 78HC11, Z80 and PIC assembler

  • Programming Linux MIPS, ARM & x86. Windows

  • Intranet/Web Programming: SQL, VB, OBDC, Java, IIS, htx/idc, pipes, Perl, HTML VB/Java script

  • Communication systems: SDR, Direct conversion, Superhet, SSB, FM, QPSK/QAM and OFDM


  • IP systems, SIP/VOIP, Firewalls, NAT, VOD/IPTV, WAN Modem drivers & Management

  • Wireless data from 14MHz to 11GHz

  • Terrestrial Microwave waveguide/feed design/transitions