NBS is a kick in the Teeth for two kinds of users.
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German LTE: Not a solution to missing Rural Broadband

the tariffs announced by Vodafone Germany, which will be asking €40 a month (around £33) for 7.2Mb/s, with a 10GB cap, rising to €70 (almost £60) for 50Mb/s speed capped at 30GB. Bust the cap and you're reduced to 3G speeds until the end of the month.

via http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/09/06/german_lte/
As predicted. To "work" (and not lose money) LTE needs

  • No Fixed users: There isn't the capacity. 50Mbps would become 1Mbps to 5Mbps
  • To be more expensive than Fixed Broadband (3G/HSPA is voice subsidized).
  • Low cap to keep off fixed users and lower congestion

LTE isn't a solution for Missing Rural Broadband. The Clue is in the Name. It is for people on the Move. Mobile Users. Just like 3G /HSPA should be.
True Mobile / "on the go" users (business or pleasure) in Ireland would find Mobile giving 2 to 4 times better performance if there were not so many Fixed users on it (because it's artificially cheaper than DSL and Fixed Broadband availability is poor). Giving the NBS to Mobile Infrastructure is a double "kick in the teeth". To Buisness on the Go, Mobile users and to people that need reliable fixed Broadband at home and work.

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