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7th June 2004

The packet node EI4LRC-2 at io52po (Near Patrickswell) is up and running 144.600MHz 1200baud VHF standard FSK modem


  • IP services on packet ONLY at

  • Web Server

  • News Server (Private UseNet/NewsGroups)

  • FTP Server

  • SMTP server (Any callsign @ei4lrc.ampr.org all other mail is refused)

  • POP3 Server to read mail

  • Packet Digipeating to EI4PKT

MixW sound card Packet recommended with Virtual IP over Packet Network adaptor. Email me for an IP address.

If your virtual IP over AX25 is working (FlexNet32 and SV2AWG packet engine will work too) you can put (or EI4LRC if you manually have added a "HOSTS" file entry) in Internet Explorer or add as SMTP and NEWS servers in a new Outlook account. Any suitable Windows, Macintosh or Linux applications for Browser, Email and Newsreader will work if your computer has Packet Software to VHF rig and a "Virtual IP over AX.25 adaptor" installed