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Irish FM voice Repeaters on 10m(29Mhz), 2m (145Mhz) and 70cm (435Mhz) Bands.

About packet Radio and APRS in Ireland.

From a lecture to LRC all about Packet Radio.

From simple Wire to Yagi and Dish.

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Almost every Amateur worldwide has a page here

Almost every Amateur worldwide has a page here

Hobby Reception on frequencies from 10kHz to 200GHz. Also called Short Wave Listening and DX

Lead Acid, Alkaine, NiMh, LiPoly, it's very confusing.


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Introduction to the Shack
Thursday, October 1st, 2009 | Author: Watty

  • HF Rig: Yaesu FT101ZD (HF Transeiver)

    • 1.8MHz to 30Mhz transitorised
    • 8.9MHz single Conversion
    • 80W approx Valved output (2 x 6146)
    • CW and SSB

  • Microwave Modules 2m Transverter

    • 28MHz in, 144MHz out
    • 144MHz .. 146MHz band
    • 50mW drive
    • 10W out

  • Microwave Modules 70cm Transverter

    • 26MHz in, 432MHz out
    • 431.6MHz .. 435.6Mhz band
    • 50mW drive
    • 10W out

  • Uniden / Ranger / SS3900

    • Pearce Simpson panel
    • 240 ch CW/FM/AM/SSB CB
    •  Modified to 10m (360 ch)
    • 5W AM/FM & 8W SSB
    • Drives Transverters as 25.6 .. 29.5MHz IF

  • Trio Kenwood TS180S (HF Transeiver)

  • Grinel/Racal TR16 (HF Transeiver)

  • Alinco DJV5 (2m/70cm FM Transeiver)

  • Racal Syncal30/Grinel TR48 (HF Transeiver)

    • 100KHz .. 30MHz RX
    • 1.8MHz .. 30MHZ TX
    • 18W SSB / 15W CW / 6W AM
    • 24V battery portable