Three and Repeaters
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Three has only 3x 5MHz Channels @ 2100MHz. Each sector on a Mast uses one. The aerials and channels on Sectors on Masts are aligned so sectors don’t interfere with other sectors on the three surrounding masts or on the other sectors. Many people may be in the three areas adjacent to mast where two sectors overlap somewhat (to avoid holes in coverage and increase capacity) or where different sector channels of two masts overlap.

Repeaters are not meant to be used WHATSOEVER in weak signal (which is likely where channels from different masts overlap).

Repeaters are ONLY meant to be used where the indoor part doesn’t leak RF to outdoors and indoors can’t pickup outdoor signals (like tunnels, Metal buildings with no windows and underground car parks).

Three are irresponsible using repeaters rather than a Router (which costs less) on Doemestic houses. It will almost always damage reception in the immediate area if the indoor part signal leaks out.

Why do they use Repeaters rather than Routers?

* On Repeater each user needs a Three account and Dongle, but on a Router only one Dongle/Account is needed
* Routers don’t work with phones for 3G voice calls, ever. Repeaters work with phones.
* Three make no money from Data. They hope to make money from 3G voice.

Three don’t have enough voice customers due to the agressive mis-selling of Mobile Internet as Fixed Broadband.…p?t=2056080309

Three have ONLY 3 x 5Mhz channels for all mast sectors in the entire Country.

You will ALWAYS get much better performance putting dongle where repeater outdoor part/Aerial/Pickup part is and turning off Repeater
You will ALWAYS get very much better performance and have more flexibility and a firewall if you use a decent router and turn off the Repeater.

Repeaters can only be installed by 3G licence holder, but their licence ought to forbid misuse of them. Infact if the Repeater interferes with the other 3 phone companies it is illegal.

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