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TV Reception on Ku band, Ka Band and C band. Also Hubs and VSAT.

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Transmission on frequencies from 137kHz to 22GHz. Also called Ham Radio. Formerly called "Wireless Experimenter" in Ireland.

Hobby Reception on frequencies from 10kHz to 200GHz. Also called Short Wave Listening and DX

The Microchip 16F series Flash programmed mpu. Assembler, C, Basic and JAL programming.

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Various Technology releated projects and also skills of the Author

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Introduction to Watty Stuff
Thursday, October 1st, 2009 | Author: Watty

I developed an interest in Radio and Electronics at about age 11. At School I was a co-founder of the "Radio & Tape recorder" Society (Cassette tapes didn't exist, it was reel to reel). I sat my City & Guilds Radio Amateur Exam while still at school. At College I was a co-founder and first secretary of the Radio Amateur Club.

When I was smaller I took apart alarm Clocks.

Dilbert: The Knack

You can learn about Electronics, Programming and Communications. You can get a qualification as an engineer. I've worked with people that can produce beautifully indented code with all the structure of spaghetti.